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What ideas or concepts stood out from The Elements of Journalism

While there are many important ideas discussed in The Elements of Journalism, two ideas stood out from this text. Those three are the idea of objectivity and the idea of gatekeeping. These ideas stood out to me because they are being tested by the new media environment. The idea of objectivity is being tested because, due to a fragmented audience, it is harder to capture and keep the audience’s attention. Therefore, journalists need to spice up their stories to get the audience’s attention. This is a threat to objectivity because it may encourage a journalist to say or write something in a way that is not fair or balanced just to gain the audience’s attention. Additionally, with increased consumer participation there is more media clutter. Therefore, it is hard to tell the difference between objective truth and people’s opinions. The idea of gatekeeping is also being tested due to increased consumer participation. With the Internet, consumers are able to see much more information than ever before and feel empowered to pick and choose what they want to consider news. Therefore, consumers feel they do not need a journalist to pick and choose what is news and what isn’t.

How will these ideas or concepts help me become a more critical consumer of journalism?

This will help me become a more critical consumer of journalism because I understand the purpose of journalism and the problems journalism is having in the new media environment. As a result, I understand that in order to get objective news I will have to read more critically to make sure there is a minimum bias. I also understand that since the role of gatekeeper is transitioning from the journalist to the consumer, I will have to filter good journalism from bad journalism.


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