Response Questions 8

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Imagine you are an aspiring PR professional trying to specialize in the area of social media and strategic communication. How would you define/describe social media? What are some uses of social media in advertising and in public relations?

Social media is an example of one of the ways of how media is transforming. Instead of the one-way communication of traditional media, social media uses two-way communication between the information senders and the information receivers. Rather than advertisers and public relations professionals just feeding the public information, the public is now able to respond. People, companies, organizations, and others use this opportunity to create discussion and share information. Public relations professionals can use the fact that social media is a two-way communication system to interact more personally with their publics. Not only can PR professionals use social media as a means to build relationships, but they can also use it as a means to promote. Similar to public relations professionals, advertisers use social media to promote their product or service to the public. Social media is useful to advertisers because it is cheap and it can reach a variety of people.

In what ways could the benefits of social media help small businesses vs. large corporations differently?

As mentioned before, social media can be used to build relationships and to promote a product. Both small businesses and large corporations can use social media, but they tend to use them differently. Since people corporations are so large, the public does not have a personal relationship with them. By using social media, large corporations are able to connect more with the public and therefore, are able to build better, more personal relationships with the public. Since small businesses do not have the funding for traditional advertising, social media is an excellent way to promote their product or service with little to no money.


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