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Imagine you are a PR consultant hired by Microsoft to help them understand whether/how their corporate culture may have an impact on their productivity. To help you with this project you’ve decided to gather information from the following: institutional sources, scholarly sources, and informal sources. In your blog post, discuss these two questions for all three sources: What might this particular source look like in this scenario? How can this particular information help you?

Institutional sources include publications that are used inside and outside of a company for recording keeping, informing the public, and communicating its purpose. In this case, an institutional source may have statistics about Microsoft’s current productivity rates. This information can be useful because it may provide me, the PR consultant, background about Microsoft’s productivity, which will help me better understand the impact Microsoft’s corporate culture has on its productivity. Institutional sources can also be used to look at competitors’ statistics. Since Microsoft and its competitors are publicly owned businesses, their information is public. Therefore, I can compare Microsoft’s productivity statistics with its competitors’ productivity statistics and make note of Microsoft’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to its competitors.

Scholarly sources are public sources that are susceptible to critical review and are accessible to members of the scholarly community. Professors, researchers, and universities usually produce this type of source. In Microsoft’s case, scholarly sources may be journal articles and books about teamwork in business. I could use journal articles and books that explain how good teamwork affect a business’ productivity rates to show Microsoft how a good corporate culture benefits productivity rates. These sources could help determine whether Microsoft’s corporate culture is beneficial to its productivity levels. Scholarly sources could also provide information on how to improve teamwork, which I could use to explain how to improve Microsoft’s corporate culture.

Informal sources consist of the information that one knows from one’s own experiences, background, expertise, and knowledge. As a PR consultant for Microsoft, I can use my opinions and personal experience with the company to help the company understand how its corporate culture and productivity affect consumers. I could give an outsider’s opinion about how I, as a consumer, perceive Microsoft’s corporate culture. I could also provide a personal experience I had with Microsoft and whether it was good or bad. The company can use my opinions and personal experience to address areas of strength and weakness.


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