Response Questions 3

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What are “leads” and why do we need it in media writing? If you are an advertising professional trying to create promotional materials to promote a product, what type(s) of leads would work best for your purpose? Why?

“The lead is the opening few sentences of a media message” (Yopp and McAdams 94). Writers use leads to attract a reader’s attention. Leads help readers find out the main points quickly. Doing so, will help readers can whether to continue reading the message. Media writers need leads to capture the audience’s attention and to also set up the story. As an advertising professional trying to promote a product, I would use a summary lead. By using a summary lead I would inform my audience about the best features of the product in the least amount of words possible. This would be beneficial because consumers do not want to spend time trying to find the best product. Rather, they want a quick, clear description about why the product is worth their time and money. A summary lead would clearly and quickly promote the product, and therefore, be more appealing to consumers.

What is “inverted pyramid style” and why do we need it in PR writing? Discuss at least two reasons, from either the media professional’s perspective or from the audience’s perspective.

The “inverted pyramid style” is a style of writing that organizes information in descending order of importance. In promotional writing, important information must be stated immediately. This is because promotional writers must get to the point quickly, and because some readers may not read the whole message. Promotional writers are constantly battling for the audience’s attention. When a writer gains the audience’s attention, he or she must state the important information quickly because he or she may not have the audience’s attention for long. Writers use the “inverted pyramid style” to make sure that readers take away the most important information, even if they may not have read the entire message. This style of writing also benefits busy audiences because they can understand the basic meaning of the message without spending a long time reading the entire written work.


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