Response Questions 10

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Reflecting on all the topics discussed this semester, what ideas or concepts stood out to me? How will these ideas help me become a better professional working in the STR industry?

Although we discussed many topics throughout the semester, two ideas stood out to me the most. These ideas are public forum and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. The idea of public forum will help me become a better professional in the STR industry because it reminds me that there must be a place for the public to interact with the information—a place where they can discuss with others. Channels for public forum are increasing and are becoming more accessible because of new technology. This is a good thing and a bad thing. It is a good thing because it allows the public more ways to become actively involved in their reception of information. It is a bad thing because the increase in public forum also allows for the increase of distortion of information. As a STR professional, I need to provide a place for the public to discuss the information, but I also need to monitor the discussions to make prevent the distortion of information. I need to encourage my audience to engage in discussion and sharing of information, but I also need to remind them that their discussion needs to be based on truthfulness, facts, and verification. Citizens have rights and responsibilities. They have a right to have certain expectations of the news that is delivered to them. As a STR professional I need to respect these rights. In doing so my readers and audience will be more likely to consider me a reliable source of information. As a result, they will be more willing to listen to and share my message.


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